Sumo Robotics Competition

About The Competition

Robot-sumo is a popular type of robotics competition in which teams create robots of various sizes, with the objective of pushing the other teams' robots out of a ring (much like normal sumo wrestling).

The Sumo Robotics Competition is a GW-hosted robot-sumo competition, with an emphasis on being as student-friendly and accessible as possible. It is also part of Major League Hacking’s nationwide Local Hack Day: Learn event on October 12, which means you’ll get some free swag just for participating!


Competition Rules

  1. Each match has a 3-minute time, unless extended due to a tie
  2. 1 point is awarded for pushing the opposing robot out of the arena
  3. First team to score 2 points wins
  4. If time is reached and the score is tied, a sudden-death elimination will begin. The first team to score a point is the winner of the game
  5. The competition will proceed in tournament-style

Participant Rules

  1. Comply with all GW Policies and the MLH Code of Conduct
  2. Each team should bring their own laptop for programming and design purposes (some computers will be available for use)
  3. Each team should bring a Bluetooth-enabled device (smartphone, laptop, etc) to control the robot
  4. Teams must report to matches at their designated start time, or incur the following penalties:
  • 2 minutes late: Forfeit 1 point
  • 4 minutes late: Forfeit match

Competition Schedule

10 AMRegistration/Parts Distribution
2 PMTournament Begins
3 PMAwards
4 PMGo home

Contact Information

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us!